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Don’t make one of these mistakes during or after your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Divorce |

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Once you decide to divorce, you may feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You may also turn your attention to the future, as you realize you now have full control over every decision you make.

While it’s important to make key changes that allow you to live a better life, here are some mistakes you should avoid during or shortly after your divorce:

  • Drastic changes to your appearance: For example, don’t rush into getting a tattoo or plastic surgery. These may be things you do in the future, but wait until you have a clear mind before making such a big decision.
  • Don’t share too much with your ex-spouse: In the event that you still have contact with your ex, such as when co-parenting, it’s important to stick to the essential details. There’s no reason to share information on your personal life.
  • Don’t overlook the power of counseling: Divorce will change your life in many ways, so it never hurts to speak with a counselor or therapist. A few conversations can help you better understand your feelings and how to cope with them.
  • Speaking out on social media: In today’s world, it’s often easier to share your thoughts on social media than it is in person. Don’t bad-mouth your ex on social media, as doing so will cause more harm than good.

The divorce process is complicated and stressful, so it’s important to devote your time and attention to making the right decisions. As you learn more about your legal rights, you’ll devise a strategy for protecting yourself every step of the way.



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