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Illinois records became part of a child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Divorce |

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Divorce is always a difficult process, even if both spouses agree that it is the best thing for their futures. The most complicated and meaningful part of the process is dealing with the needs of children from the relationship. This may prove to be a priority for parents who never married, as children can be a divisive subject in any relationship that involves them.

A pair of parents in Illinois are embroiled in a serious dispute that has also raised questions about the sort of information that they could get about each other. It began with the father requesting health information on his daughter after he separated from the girl’s mother. It began with a wellness check done by police, which yielded only positive results.

The man pursued more checks, eventually inundating his ex-girlfriend with calls, texts and letters. Police eventually suggested a restraining order, and she followed up with a change of contact information and even a new car with a new Illinois license plate. But her ex-boyfriend obtained a lot of that new information, starting with an unlikely source.

He received records from the Illinois Tollway that showed the woman’s movements on toll roads in the state, which also led to personal information and contact data for her and her family. The state administration turned all of this over without so much as notifying the woman or her family.

Legal protections during divorce or child custody disputes can help uncover violations like these and ensure no one is alone when fighting possible injustices. An attorney can help represent a parent’s interest in seeking restraining orders, fighting illegal information releases and other related issues.



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