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Changes in custody law could affect rape victims and offenders

When pieces of legislation are composed and proposed for passing on the state and/or federal level, they typically address a specific type of issue or victim. And while the details surrounding the inception of specific laws may vary, the underlying theme is always to protect victims and provide for the needs of citizens. Unfor tunately, though, there may be instances where some rights are infringed upon in an effort to protect others. If passed, a new Illinois bill might have the potential to help and hurt an already sensitive situation for many people.

Illinois inmates may get break in child support

Most parents understand that they are financially responsible for their children no matter their personal circumstances. After all, children's needs are constant and do not typically wax or wane with their parents' income level or availability. It is for that reason that child support payments are strictly enforced by the state of Illinois. Once a parent agrees to make payments, they are bound by the law to do so or else may face steep penalties. However, what happens to a parent's financial obligation to their kids if they lose their potential to earn an income because they are incarcerated? The state is now attempting to address that very question with a new piece of legislation.

Illinois divorce: A basic primer

Divorce can be a complicated process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process. Spouses can simplify the separation greatly by familiarizing themselves with the basic principles before beginning the process. This week, then, we'll cover some of the basics of an Illinois divorce case.

Illinois parents encounter difficulty in collecting child support

For many families, child support payments are an essential resource that allows custodial parents to provide for their children's upbringing. In some cases, though, custodial parents encounter difficulty in recovering payments from the other parent. Noncustodial parents could fail to pay for any number of reasons- the loss of a job, a sudden injury or illness, or an unexpected expense. Occasionally, noncustodial parents simply stop making payments for no discernible reason at all.

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