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Illinois considers changes to child custody law

For Belleville, Illinois, families that have dealt with family law issues personally, many may agree that some state guidelines do not adequately address all situations. In fact, state legislators have been addressing outdated and/or irrelevant policies for some time. In an effort to make the Illinois family law system more efficient and responsive to the needs of both parents in a divorce, the state is now considering a bill that would alter child custody and visitation procedures.

Shifts in child custody practices

Just as the concept of the typical American family continues to evolve, so does the idea of the typical American divorce. While it was once assumed that it was in the best interests of the child to be placed with the mother after divorce, now more Illinois families and family law courts alike recognize that joint child custody is an option worth considering in most cases. One interesting side effect of the growing popularity of joint custody may be, however, that the number of single dads raising their kids is also on the rise.

Child custody rulings may illustrate gender discrimination

While some family law guidelines vary from state to state, many policies have become streamlined. For instance, child custody rulings decided in court typically reflect standardized procedures established in Illinois and other states around the country. The broad-stroke approach to assigning custody and visitation rights to parents is raising controversy, however, since there is evidence that legislation regarding family law issues may be biased.

Divorced parents urged to put cell phones away

Raising children involves many things. Money, love and patience are often some of the first things that come to the minds of Illinois parents. Time is yet another important thing that children need from parents and, in the ideal world that is quality time. Receiving a parent’s undivided attention is critical to optimal social and emotional development for a child.

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